Asset discovery & tracking
Life cycle management
Workflow & processes
Financial management
Data integration
Vendor compliancy reviews
Compliancy managed services
SAM processes
Software compliancy solutions
Software licensing courses
Network discovery & inventory
Software package creation
Application & OS deployment
Software patching
Server configuration management
Service Desk management
IT Service management
Service request catalog
Configuration management
Voice enabled customer service

"CTMS specialises in software and services that provide best of breed solutions in IT Asset and Service Management. We can help you reduce costs and improve efficiencies throughout your IT infrastructure and organisation."

Expert Training
As well as our extensive solutions, CTMS also offer a range of webinars and training courses and workshops ranging from basic licensing knowledge and skills, up to complex virtualisation courses. Whether they are undertaken separately or taken as a series of courses, they offer invaluable insight and increase understanding.
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Maximise Operational Efficiencies, Reduce IT Costs and Improve Service Quality and Compliance with HEAT Service Management 2014