Ivanti Software Deployment:

Ivanti Software Deployment

Reduce time spent on Software Deployment by up to 95%

Key Features:
  • Integrated Software Factory & Packaging Workbench
  • Drag and drop user interface for creating PC builds and software packaging 
  • Wizard driven configured screens
  • Mapping computer & user roles with software profiles
  • Visible package dependencies
  • Revision of software packages
  • SOAP interface
  • Policy based management
  • Remote and over the web deployment capabilities
  • Integrated test scenarios
  • Integrated management reporting
  • Reduce time on package creation by up to 85%
  • Reduce time spent on application deployment by up to 95%
  • Increase efficiency through automation
  • Quicker response to changing requirements
  • Compliance status visible at all times
  • Targeted and secure delegation of tasks
  • Mapping of centralized and decentralized management structures


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