FrontRange HEAT Self Service:

HEAT Self Service Request

24/7 web based self-service to reduce support call rates by 80% maximising operational efficiency and dramatically improving IT costs.

Most support teams are swamped by staff needing password resets, email issues and application upgrades along with many other frequently asked technical questions.

FrontRange HEAT Self Service allows staff on any web based browser to access the self-service portal to submit a service request to the support team. Staff will also have access to the HEAT Knowledge base where they will find frequently asked questions linking to their problem where they can search and find the answer to their problem. Once submitting the service request staff can edit the request and view the live progress stage to see how close or far the support team are to solving the problem.

  • Web based self-service portal for all staff
  • Knowledge base showing most frequently asked questions with the answers from the support team
  • Knowledge base with linked search capabilities to answer the staff’s problem from older resolutions
  • Live progress status of the service request 
  • 70 + out of the box service requests
  • Service request templates for a simple click, send and receive service
  • Automated service delivery time to the end user 
  • Automated cost total for the request 
  • Drag and drop diagrams to create the self-service work flow progress (Self Service Administrator)


  • Phone call costs reduced by 90%
  • Service desk call volume reduced by 80% 
  • Maximising operational efficiency 
  • Reduce change request submission time by 75%
  • Reduce time managing complex tickets by 100%




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