Software Deployment

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Software Deployment

Software Deployment

Traditional methods for operating system and software deployment can be extremely time consuming and demanding of specialist IT skills. CTMS specialises in providing class leading solutions which manage your environment without the need for you to use specialist skill sets for:


  • Software Deployment
  • Software Packaging
  • System building
  • Operating system deployment and management
  • Operating system migrations
  • User state migration and management  


Our vision is to provide solutions that once correctly deployed takes complex work which is required on a daily or regular basis and reduce it to a level whereby you do not need specialist skills.

Software deployment and packaging often require IT skills and experience that operate at command level and code level (such as VB script).

CTMS solutions focus on the IT administrator operating as much as possible at a level of ‘wizard driven options’, ‘point and click’ and ‘drag and drop’ interfaces to build packages and deploy systems.

Our solutions will typically save organisations 50% in software deployment time and costs compared to traditional software deployment tools and methodology.

We also look to provide solutions which combine IT task automation with policy compliance management. IT teams need to be confident that once a desired policy state is set up (such as defining how and which software applications are deployed to target users and devices), they are automatically monitored and managed.


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