Corporate Software Inspector (CSI)  by Secunia:

The Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) is an authenticated internal vulnerability scanner with patch management software. It assesses the security state of practically every program that runs on Microsoft Windows PCs, and enables you to locate and fix any software vulnerabilities before they are actively exploited and your security breached.

Secunia CSI lets you scan both PCs and Apple Macs for vulnerabilities, manage your software security and install, configure, uninstall and deploy updates. It also integrates with Microsoft WSUS & SCCM 2012

This makes it possible for the Secunia CSI to identify all installed programs and plug-ins based on the actual files present on the system.


Key Features:
  • Identify all plugins and installed programs within your network for each computer  
  • Scan all executables including DLL, OCX and EXE
  • Receive risk ratings and metrics
Report details for each scan:


  • Full version path 
  • Version date
  • Direct links for patches
  • Ratings
  • Automatically detects end of life programs and plugins 
  • Automated reporting showing all programs and plugins which are fully up to date with patches
  • Automated reporting showing all non-approved programs and plugins




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