NETconsent Examiner:


Test, moniter and report on employees understanding for workplace policies, regulations and procedures

NETconsent Examiner enables organisations to measure comprehension of corporate policies, identifying those documents which may need reviewing or where further employee training is required.

With new legislation constantly being introduced for regulated industries, the need for organisations to ensure that staff understand revised operational practices and responsibilities is demanding ever increasing attention.

NETconsent Examiner is included as a standard module within the NETconsent policy management suite and incorporates a full set of supporting management summary and detailed evidential reports.

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Reduce risk of policies being breached
  • Provide management with a clear analysis of how well policies are understood
  • Enable organisations to improve policy wording
  • Identify training needs against knowledge and competency
  • framework measures



  • Easy question creation
  • Multiple question formats
  • Test all or a subset of users
  • Questionnaire approval process
  • Immediate or time delayed tests
  • Random question presentation
  • Competency framework integration
  • Summary and detailed reporting
  • Copy and amend previous questionnaires
  • Test completion certificate
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Integrate with eLearning
  • modules



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