NETconsent Informer:


Improve employee awareness with prompt notifications and alerts to certain user groups with avoiding operational efficiencies  

NETconsent Informer enables organisations to simplify communications, thus delivering improved productivity and awareness whilst reducing cost.

Internal communications, such as announcements and other important broadcast messages are a critical operational component, assisting the enterprise to achieve organisational and departmental goals. NETconsent Informer ensures that users only receive relevant informative notices during their valid time period, thereby reducing information overload.

Information overload often causes important communications to be overlooked which can lead to operational inefficiencies.

  • Pro-active notification of essential information
  • Display only relevant and current information
  • Enhance worker productivity
  • Reduce unnecessary internal email traffic
  • Lower data storage and management requirements
  • Improve organisational efficiency
  • Improve staff morale
  • Direct communications with intended audience
  • Users required to read essential information
  • Time critical messages only displayed for appropriate duration
  • Record of viewing retained for compliance
  • Delegated management of communications
  • Straight-forward report generation


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