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Joiners and Leavers Asset Management:

Difficulty in reclaiming assets from your employees? Reduce time and effort in tracking employee assets such as laptops, desktops, PDAs, BlackBerry’s, Security Tokens, internet connections and cars.

JL-AM is a powerful but easy to use asset management module which integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, such as IT Discovery Tools, Active Directory and HR Directories, to help automate data updating. It allows you to associate any type of asset to an employee. When an employee leaves and organisation, or transfers from a department, automated reclamation emails are sent to the employee and manager asking for the return of the assets.

JL-AM can generate periodic automated emails to staff asking for confirmation that assets registered to them are still in their possession. Staff can confirm or disagree that they possess the assets via a web portal linked to the email. This is great for keeping a check on asset possession, and avoiding nasty surprises as employees are about to leave. Imagine having an automatic email verification sent to an employee if their laptop has not been seen on the company network for 30 days, and asking for verification of its existence.
JL-AM is a web based system offered as a hosted or on-premise solution.

  • Reduced costs due to fewer lost laptops, missing PCs, as well as timely contract terminations
  • Reduced administration costs through improved processes and automation
  • Ability to be proactive and not simply reactive
  • Deliver ongoing governance
  • Reduced Security risks with missing assets
  • Enforcement of HR policy 
  • Integrates to IT Discovery toolsets
  • Integrates to Active Directory or HR Directories
  • Automated email alerting for asset reclamation 
  • Multiple asset tracking per employee
  • Automated ownership verification




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