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Desktop and Server Management Solutions:

DSM Overview

CTMS specialises in multi-platform Desktop and Server Management solutions designed to automate IT operational tasks, from installing applications and operating systems to monitoring and maintaining devices.

We focus on providing world class leading solutions` which manage your environment without the need for you to use specialist skill sets. Our solutions can be used by IT staff with ‘generalist’ skills, rather than niche or specialist skill sets. Improve your headcount efficiency and achieve more with less when managing:

  • IT discovery and inventory
  • Systems and software deployment
  • Patch and security vulnerability management
  • Client and mobile device management 
  • Server management

IT departments are ever increasingly coming under pressure to support complex IT infrastructures. Often this is within an environment where IT teams are being asked to do more but with less available resources.

A core element of IT support is managing the Client and Server infrastructure which demands IT skills and resources across a number of disparate disciplines such as system deployment, application provisioning, software patching, security and compliance, incident, problem, change and configuration management. Because of the breadth of IT administrative tasks involved, support for desktop and server manager cannot be achieved by manual processes alone.

Smart automation is essential to the successful delivery of desktop and server lifecycle management. 

CTMS specialises in providing end-to end solutions and best of breed technologies which are highly interoperable with themselves and legacy systems. CTMS has the expertise and track record to help you manage the key components of Client and Server management more effectively and efficiently.



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Network discovery and inventory

CTMS has wide ranging experience of scoping and implementing IT discovery and inventory systems from a variety of technology vendors. Different toolsets are often used depending on the customer’s infrastructure and desired business outcomes. The factors influencing the choice of tool sets include:

  • Granularity of hardware and software configuration data
  • Capability to monitor IT assets across LANs, WANs, multiple domains, home users Multiple platform device discovery
  • Ability to track usage of hardware
  • Ability to provide granular configuration and performance data on specific devices, such as network printers Ability to track software usage covering local, networked, thin client, web based applications
  • Ability to track software usage at file level
  • Capability to discover unknown devices on a network

CTMS has the experience to provide you with:

Proposal writing for your asset discovery and inventory requirements Independent product evaluation testing and pilot implementations Complete end to end implementation project management Building an IT inventory system can often be a confusing and complex area and often multiple technologies are required to provide the ideal solution. CTMS has years of experience in demystifying the options for customers and delivering the ideal solution scenario quickly and painlessly. A full IT inventory system will often have to link to multiple data sources and have links to multiple target systems such as an Asset Register, Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Service Desk and Finance Systems.

CTMS has the experience and expertise to rapidly integrate legacy systems and multiple data sources to deliver your ideal vision of an IT Inventory system. We can quickly build a proof of concept pilot in your environment to prove the key integration points and solution deliverables. This provides you with demonstrable proof of a working system before you commit to a full purchase thus minimising your investment risk. Furthermore, we also have multiple case studies and customer references backing up our ability to deliver.

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System and software deployment

Traditional methods for operating system and application deployment can be extremely time consuming and demanding of specialist IT skills.  CTMS specialises in providing class leading solutions which manage your environment without the need for you to use specialist skill sets for:

  • System building
  • Software packaging
  • Software deployment
  • Operating system deployment and management
  • Operating system migrations
  • User state migration and management  

Our vision is to provide solutions that once correctly deployed takes complex work which is required on a daily or regular basis and reduce it to a level whereby you do not need specialist skills.

Packaging applications and deploying systems often require IT skills and experience that operate at command level and code level (such as VB script).

CTMS solutions focus on the IT administrator operating as much as possible at a level of ‘wizard driven options’, ‘point and click’ and ‘drag and drop’ interfaces to build packages and deploy systems.

Our solutions will typically save organisations 50% in deployment time and costs compared to traditional software deployment tools and methodology, particularly when.

We also look to provide solutions which combine IT task automation with policy compliancy management.  IT teams need to be confident that once a desired policy state is set up (such as defining how and which software applications are deployed to target users and devices), they are automatically monitored and managed.

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Patch Management

Patch and security Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability and Software Patch Management are critical components of any security infrastructure because it enables proactive detection and remediation of vulnerabilities before they are actively exploited.

CTMS provides patch management solutions and services which accurately identifies vulnerabilities and deploys software patches. We can provide a rapid one off base-line vulnerability assessment or deploy solutions which provide on-going software patching management.

Many organisations concentrate on just patching of mainstream vendors such as Microsoft and Adobe. However, vulnerabilities can exist within many applications and our solutions provide vulnerability management coverage of more than 40,000 systems and applications which are constantly monitored for new and existing threats.

Our patch management solutions are the ideal answer for organisations striving to become compliant for PCI, CoCo, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, FISMA and NERC.

Our solutions are extremely flexible and will integrate to your existing deployment technologies such as Microsoft WSUS, SCCM, Altiris etc. for seamlessly providing an end to end delivery covering:
  • Scanning your computers for insecure programs
  • Providing you with results of the patches you need
  • Downloading and installing the patches
  • Re-check of your computers to confirm successful updates of the patches


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Client and Device Management

Desktop and Device Management

Part of the IT asset management equation is effectively and efficiently managing desktops, laptops and other mobile devices such as mobile phones, iPads, USBs, portable drives etc.  A key aspect of managing such devices is to ensure that data is secure when devices are lost or data theft is attempted.

CTMS provides solutions that offer both Endpoint and Content Security management to address lost devices and data theft.

Our Endpoint Security solutions cover:
  • USB encryption
  • Management of portable device connection to the network
  • Hard disk encryption for laptops, servers and embedded systems
  • Mobile Device Management  (MDM) of devices such as smartphones, mobile phones, netbooks and tablets via cloud based solutions  

Our Content Security solutions cover:
  • Secured email via content encryption
  • Secured files via content encryption
  • Secured Microsoft SharePoint files and document encryption 


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Server Management

Server Management

Automation of the management of servers in terms of configuration builds, operating system deployment and application publishing can radically improve the efficiency of the technical support team.  A unified approach to the synchronisation of server configuration and package deployments across physical, virtual, Windows, Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix XenApp will improve IT efficiency through reducing complex operations down to administrative IT tasks.

CTMS specialises in solutions that automate IT operational tasks for server management in terms of:
  • Configuration builds
  • OS deployment
  • Application deployment
  • Patch management
  • Server replication within Citrix XenApp server farms


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