Access Rights Management - Made Easy:  

Active Directory is a challenge for most organisations in terms of administration and clarity of access rights, particularly getting a straightforward overview of which users have access to data.

8MAN simplifies the handling of complex tasks relating to user provisioning, tracking and monitoring of access rights.

8Man is an Access Rights Management tool for not only Active Directory but also for your File Servers, Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and vSphere. 8MAN enhances and extends the native capabilities of your existing solutions.

Access rights management can be viewed or changed within a few simple clicks in terms of folder, file and share access.

8MAN provides extra security to your organisation by reducing the likelihood of users having inappropriate access to data and resources.

Generic Functionality


Displays a comprehensive overview of the access rights to resources in your organization.


Monitors user actions in Active Directory and on your file servers which may have a security impact.


Set up rules for the creation of new user accounts, the provisioning of rights and the editing of account details.


Record any access rights activity in the 8MAN logbook and create audit proof reports.


Shorten your access rights management process and involve only the key users.




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