Nexthink - IT Infrastructure Analytics 

Nexthink makes IT look smarter, more proactive, and in control of the IT computing infrastructure. Nexthink is the best friend an IT organization can have and will improve the relationship between IT and business end-users.

Nexthink maps all the IT services, how they are being consumed, and how the IT infrastructure is operating, from the only perspective that matters most, the end-users. Nexthink provides essential visibility and insight into IT operations and security for IT Governance.

Nexthink’s patented self-learning and artificial intelligence construct meaningful patterns and IT analytics. Patterns are analyzed in real-time (every minute), enterprise-wide. Analytics are calculated across time and endpoints to detect possible security threats (new pattern on one or more endpoints) and system failures (common failure across multiple endpoints).



Nexthink helps with IT Service Management


Proactive Service Management

With Nexthink you can understand the quality of IT service delivered to your business end-users and be notified of issues before they start calling the help desk and more importantly diagnose and pro-actively fix the issues before more end-users are impacted.

Improved End User incident resolution

Helpdesk and support teams determine in seconds if the endpoint, the network or the back-end is the probable cause for an end user’s issues.

With Nexthink, a Service Desk Analyst can isolate issues with an end user’s device and quickly resolve the user’s issues. Other users can be automatically identified with a similar issue and be resolved proactively.

Leading industry analysts report that over 50% of IT service disruption issues reported by end-users were not detected by the back-end monitoring tools. Nexthink will ensure that IT deliver excellent customer service to end users.

Nexthink can integrate seamless to your existing Service Desk technology to allow you to drill down from a user incident record to the underlying device issues detected by Nexthink.


Nexthink helps with IT Security


Understand security breaches

Always know what is going regarding security issues. You can extract all relevant data in seconds for resolving any security breaches and detect abnormal user behaviour regarding their interaction with IT devices.

Detect Abnormal Behaviours

Don’t wait for damages to reveal what’s putting your sensitive data at risk from inside and external threats.

Enable security forensics at warp Speed

Explore in seconds, massive historical and contextual data to quickly handle incidents with informed responses.

Security notifications

Be alerted when you security breaches are exposed. For example, know immediately that a malware has not been detected by the antivirus or when an application is accessing a dangerous web site.


Nexthink helps with IT Projects


Cloud readiness

With Nexthink you can evaluate readiness and continuously measure impact of cloud services such as Office 365, BYOD and mobility initiatives. Nexthink is a revolutionary real-time solution that analyzes all application executions and network connections giving IT the end-user perspective and assuring visibility with BYOD, mobility, and cloud initiatives. Nexthink will help you discover what cloud services your end-users are accessing. You will be able to see how services are connected, what dependencies exist, what devices are connecting, and what the QoS levels are.

OS and Application Migration projects

For administrators to execute a successful upgrade or migration they need more than just a static assessment – they need detail that explains the relationships and dependencies of the discovered inventory over time. IT Administrators need to understand how the end-user is using the hardware, software, and network resources. This type of assessment varies from user to user and is referred to as a dynamic assessment. Only Nexthink can combine static and dynamic assessments together to provide this combined view. This gives project stakeholders the ability to plan correctly the first time and avoid as many mistakes and surprises as possible along the way. It also allows you to understand existing problems so you don’t migrate them, but instead fix them!

Outsourcing the right way

Nexthink provides you with full transparency and verification on your outsourced services to ensure that you get the SLA you pay for.

VDI deployment projects

It is essential for every VDI transformation project to begin with a thorough readiness assessment. Nexthink End-user IT Analytics provides readiness assessment reports and capacity planning to make the right choices for a successful virtualization project. Nexthink combines readiness metrics, cost savings analysis, user experience assurance, and capacity requirements. Nexthink’s unique analytics provide an accurate assessment that will eliminate costly assumptions and mistakes when implementing virtualization strategies. Benchmark, compare and verify capacity and virtual desktop end-user experience at runtime based on real activity.

Cost saving projects

Nexthink find places to improve such as underused hardware and software, wasted print jobs, unnecessary PC renewals.

Helps IT to align itself to the needs of the business

Nexthink allows you to see, understand and quantify the experience of your end-users, something that was previously not only cost-prohibitive but in many cases impossible for you to achieve.




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