Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management Services

Software Asset Management

CTMS can provide you with a complete range of software asset management services covering:

  • Software Vendor Management Reviews
  • Managed Services for Software Compliance True-ups 
  • Implementing of technology solutions to assist software licensing. 


Software Vendor Management Reviews

CTMS will provide you with a review and report, for a fixed price, of your potential software license compliance risks for key vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe and Symantec.

Even if you don't need this service in preparation for a vendor audit, it will still provide you with peace of mind for any software asset management projects that you may have, or quantifying monetary risk for business risk registers.

Clients have found this service invaluable in understanding their exposure before a forced audit review by a vendor, and often save themselves hundreds of thousands of pounds by remedial action to address any compliance exposure.

We are able to take you through vendor software compliance programmes to eventual vendor certification if that is what you require.

CTMS provide an independent license audit service, unlike many other audit providers that have a vested interested in selling you software licenses.

We provide the following vendor review services:
  • Compliance reviews for software vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, VMWare, McAfee, Citrix and Oracle, highlighting the state of vendor compliance, an analysis of any under or over licensing with financial liability impact.
  • Consultancy and advice on the best licensing match for your infrastructure requirements.
  • Specific product compliance reviews such as: Virtualisation Licensing Review, Microsoft SQL Review, Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Licensing Review and Microsoft SAM Programme.


Managed Services for Software Compliance True-ups

You may not have sufficient skills or resources within your organisation to address on-going software vendor licensing programs. We are able to provide a managed software asset management service which will deliver cost control, cost savings and ensure you are compliant.

CTMS provides on-going managed service for Software Asset Management and License Compliance for a fixed price per annum. This service will provide you with periodic (monthly, quarterly, annual) compliance reporting for a selected software vendor or multiple vendors.

The on-going basic managed service will deliver the following benefits:
  • A license compliance baseline which can be used as a benchmark for defining future improvements in compliance and cost initiatives
  • On-going reporting and review of license compliance position


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Software Licensing


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